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Dr. Roberto M. Peña is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)-designated Civil Surgeon for the Department Of Homeland Security. Immigrants applying for a green card or citizenship are required to have a comprehensive medical examination to ensure they are in good health and have all required vaccinations. Spending a few minutes preparing for an Immigration Examination and gathering the right paperwork can help get through the process more quickly and efficiently. The examination requires applicants to be free of certain infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea, which will require blood and urine testing. If the applicant is found to have an infectious condition of a public health concern, it must be treated before the applicant can proceed to the next step in the immigration process. As an Immigration Doctor, Dr. Peña will also ask a series of questions to assess mental and emotional health, and check for signs of substance abuse or behaviors that could be harmful to the applicant or others. In addition, all applicants must have received all age-appropriate vaccinations as recommended by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). Common medical conditions that are not of public health concern, such as diabetes mellitus, elevated cholesterol, or hypertension do not interfere with the immigration process, but are required to be listed on the final report (Form I-693).

Registration documents will be e-mailed to each applicant to complete prior to their appointment. Additionally, each applicant must bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • A valid government-issued form of photo identification, such as an unexpired driver’s license, ID card or passport. For applicants under 14 years of age, acceptable documents for proof of identity must show the name, date and place of birth and parent’s full names (i.e. birth certificate).
  • Records of vaccinations, if available. If there is no record of previously administered vaccinations, Dr. Peña will discuss options at the time of the visit. Although available, applicants are not required to obtain vaccinations in our clinic. They can be administered by a personal physician or a local pharmacy. Blood antibody titers are also an option.
  • A list of current medications.
  • Tuberculosis certificate from a doctor if the applicant was diagnosed and properly treated in the past.
  • A certificate of clearance if the applicant has been diagnosed by a doctor or health official with syphilis and was properly treated.
  • Documentation of completion of the COVID-19 vaccine series.

The typical process consists of completing a medical history and physical examination, performing required tests, documenting age appropriate vaccines, as well as completion of USCIS Form I-693—the Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. This process usually takes 10 to 14 days. Please be sure to keep this timing in mind when scheduling the appointment. We recommend scheduling the appointment well in advance of the due date to ensure that documents are completed in a timely fashion.

Upon completion of all USCIS Form I-693 requirements, the applicant will be given a completed signed and dated Form I-693—Report Of Medical Examination and Vaccination Records, in a sealed envelope. This envelope may not be opened and is to be submitted to the USCIS as part of the application process. An unsealed identical set of documents will also be provided at this time.

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