USCIS Form I-693

One of the immigration requirements for the United States is the completion of form I-693. You must bring this form with you when you visit your civil surgeon for your medical examination. Dr. Roberto Pena in Austin, TX, can complete the form for you and help you fulfill this requirement for immigration into the United States.

How to find form I-693

Form I-693 is available on the USCIS website, or you can view and download the form by clicking here.

What you need to know about form I-693

Form I-693 is used to report medical examination results for applicants who wish to immigrate to the United States. The form helps establish who is medically eligible to enter the United States based on public health grounds.

After your civil surgeon completes your examination and fills out form I-693, he will give it to you in a sealed envelope, which you must not open.

Form I-693 is a legal document and the chain of custody must be maintained for the document to be valid. If the envelope is not sealed, it will be returned by the USCIS.

Important time-sensitive information about form I-693

Form I-693 must be completed and signed by your civil surgeon no more than 60 days before you file your application with the USCIS.

What you need to do with form I-693

You must submit the form yourself to the USCIS. You can either mail the form or bring it in person to a USCIS office.

Other requirements in addition to the medical examination and completion of form I-693

In addition to a thorough medical examination, your civil surgeon will also screen for tuberculosis with a blood test. You can find out the results of your blood test in 5 to 7 days.

To learn more about immigration requirements and Form I-693, talk with your civil surgeon, Dr. Robert Pena, in Austin, TX. You can reach him by calling
(512) 477-4693, so call now. 

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